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Adhesive Bandages for the Best in Wound Care

Adhesive Bandages for the Best in Wound Care
7 December 2020

Adhesive bandages are the most basic component of any first aid kit. But it’s likely you don’t think much about them until you need one for those inevitable cuts, scrapes and blisters that can happen anywhere, in any workplace.

As you rummage through the first aid kit, you find that you either don’t have the right shaped bandage, or you can’t get the package open. In the meantime, you or someone else is bleeding all over the place.

And the individual packages just have the brand name on them. Which one is the right one? Then you finally get the bandage on and it doesn’t stick.

Running down to your local drugstore isn’t the solution. Size and shapes are limited, and you won’t find some of the specialty items you might need for your workplace.

This is why NorMed carries what some would call a ridiculous selection of high-quality adhesive bandages, made by HART Health, in all shapes and sizes, as well as some hard-to-find specialty items. We know that accidents happen, and our bandages help keep you prepared for any situation.

The Right Shape and Size

The shape and size of the adhesive bandage dressing can determine how well it stays on. Fingers and knuckle adhesive bandages are shaped and designed to fit around your fingers and knuckles. A better fit means better stick. 

You also don’t want a bandage that’s too large or one that’s too small. That’s why NorMed stocks bandages that fit just right, plus they are available in different quantities to meet your needs.

And all our adhesive bandages are latex-free and guaranteed sterile.

Specialty Adhesive Bandages for Restaurant and Food Processing Companies

If you work in the food industry, you know that bright blue is not a natural food color. NorMed stocks BLUFLEXspecially-designed, flexible, blue adhesive bandages in a variety of sizes and shapes including strips, fingertip, and knuckle bandages for restaurants and food processors.

This means that if the bandage ever falls off, it can quickly and easily be found. BLUFLEX is available in five different configurations to meet most minor wound care needs:

For food processing companies, we offer BLUTEC, flexible, blue adhesive bandage dressings with an embedded metal strip. Utilizing a metal detector, the strips can easily be found should they come off. The HART brand has the largest metal strip in the first aid supply industry, which is tucked between the gauze pad and the adhesive material.

This specialty bandage is available in these shapes and sizes:

Next up is FOAMTEC, which has the embedded metal detectable strip plus it has the advantage of being water resistant. The dressing helps maintain a moist wound environment and provides a cushion to prevent further injury. FOAMTEC comes in these sizes:

The Right Type of Dressing Matters

When dressing a wound, it's important to choose the best type of dressing for each application. Some of the different types include:

Woven Fabric Bandages

These are easily applied, strong and flexible dressings that stretch to fit body contours . NorMed carries fabric bandages in a variety of sizes, shapes, and weights to fill every need:


ULTRALITE is made from lightweight, flexible fabric and is latex free. It’s a  tough competitor to Coverlet, which is loved by occupational health nurses all over the country. It comes in:

LITEFLEX uses a slightly heavier flexible fabric and is latex free. Sizes include:

TUFFLEX, as the name suggests, is a stronger fabric bandage and adhesive. This customer favorite is available in these convenient sizes:

ULTRAFLEX is just what it says – ultra strong with aggressive adhesive, for heavy duty applications and use while wearing work gloves; with sizes that include:

Waterproof Bandages

AQUAFLEX combines the comfort of a flexible bandage plus it’s very good at staying on in water. It comes in these convenient sizes:

Plastic-type Bandages

A staple for schools and other high use workplaces these economical latex-free solutions are a budget friendly choice.


Sheer Strip bandages offer breathability, and offer sticking power when damp, but are not waterproof. These bandages are available in the following sizes:

Specialty Adhesive Bandages

NorMed provides two HART specialty bandages that address specific industry needs.

AQUAFLEX designed for resorts, fishing, and other industries where water protection is needed. AQUAFLEX has a soft, flexible, waterproof material and a special adhesive designed to be used underwater. Available in these convenient sizes:

BLISTERFLEX The name says it all. Twelve flexible bandages for blisters in three different shapes and sizes to cover a variety of blister types all conveniently placed in one box.

Color Coded, Easy-Open Packaging

Color coding means there is no hunting around for just what you need.  Each package prominently displays the name, the size, the configuration, and a picture of what is inside the package, unlike other brands that only have a generic wrapper without any additional information.

And NorMed’s adhesive bandage packages have an easy-open design with prominent pull tabs so you’re not fumbling around trying to get the bandage out of the package while that cut continues to bleed.

Products with Quality You Can Trust

NorMed is a business-to-business distributor of First Aid and Medical Supplies. We’ve been in business for more than 45 years, providing quality products and impeccable customer service.

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