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Disaster doesn't just happen, it STRIKES!

19 September 2019


As I write this Florida to the Bahamas is engulfed in Hurricane Dorian…

” Hurricane Dorian, a slow-moving, devastating Category 5 storm, made landfall on Sunday in the northwest Bahamas, where catastrophic effects were expected,” quoted from the National Hurricane Center.

The storm has affected the entire east coast, varying in strength and severity from the Bahamas to Canada. Communities have had tremendous flooding, storm surges, power outages, high wind devastation, and more. An estimated 76,000 people have been left homeless in the Bahamas alone.

September is National Preparedness Month. Hurricane Dorian and recent shootings should cause us to take disaster preparedness seriously. Disasters come in all sizes and whether it harms one person or an entire island they have one thing in common… when homes, businesses, schools, governments, resorts etc., have survival necessities and trained personnel on hand, the survival rates are much higher.

At NorMed we specialize in the first aid supplies that can help people help each other. Imagine an earthquake strikes your workplace. Do your employees know how to protect themselves? Do you have an evacuation plan and an accountability plan to be sure your employees are safe? How many employees are trained to administer first aid? Do they have the first aid supplies on hand? Do they know where the supplies are located? These and many more questions should be investigated by your workplace Safety Committee. You do have a Safety Committee, right?

Don’t be caught unprepared. Florida and the Bahamas have had some warning time to prepare what they could but so many disasters, natural or man-made, do not give any warnings. The Dept. of Homeland Security ( asks everyone in this year’s campaign to "Be Prepared Not Scared”. There is lots of helpful information on their site.

View our Disaster Preparedness flyer. 

Got questions? We are happy to help you.


Please contact us by phone 800-288-8200 or email if you have any specific first aid needs for your business. We can help you find the right solution.



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"I was very impressed with Normed's prices and especially with the supports I ordered over my last first aid supplier.
Mark at Westward Seafoods

I have to keep it a secret that I order from Normed because my company is only supposed to use another supplier, but I love your bandages and prices, so I order regardless.

I love the fact you ship from one location vs. our old supplier.
Robin at Simmons Company

Thanks for getting me and my company setup for online ordering, your prices are great!
J Frank Schmidt & Son Company

I am so happy that I received my order so fast, the process is so smooth and quick!
Andrew at Jackson Lake Lodge

I'm very impressed with how quickly we get quotes back.
Joann at Michaels Foods

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